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SomaticWell treats food, food supplements and the chemical reactions that occur through the body-mind interactions as powerful medicines. ​​

Functional Nutrition emphasizes the importance of high‐quality foods and phytonutrient diversity to address clinical imbalances and move individuals toward the highest expression of health.

Dr. Hillel educates patients in the Functional Nutrition Fundamentals of healthy eating while also
providing options to personalize nutrition plans and therapeutic diets leveraging the Institute of Functional Medicine’s Food Plan Suites

SomaticWell provides an interdisciplinary team approach

so as to provide a personalized nutritional protocol for

each client based on up-to-date research.

​The construction of each individual personalized

SomaticWell nutritional plan results from an initial

Functional Medicine assessment, nutritional counseling,

and if necessary specialized metabolic testing.

Samples are taken locally and sent  off to a laboratory

in the United States.

The SomaticWell Functional Nutrition approach addresses the whole-body causes associated with

neuro-developmental conditions, in particular Autism and ADHD.​ Three key nutritional issues typically

associated with neuro-developmental conditions include inflammation, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function. 

The SomaticWell approach to Personalized Nutrition is

distinguished by our professional excellence,

scientific rigor, ethical values, and warmheartedness!

Examples of Specialized Testing

 - Vitamin & mineral sufficiency -

- Carnitine and NAC -

- Oxidative stress - 

 - Detoxification adequacy,Fatty Acids -

 - CoQ10 -

 -Bacterial & Yeast Dysbiosis -

 - Essential Amino Acids -

 - Food Sensitivity-

- Intestinal Hypersensitivity-

Methylation Status and B-Vitamins Functional Status

Genetic Polymorphisms (SNPs).

Contact us at SomaticWell for further information,

or to schedule a Personalized Nutritional assessment.


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