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SomaticWell Meditation with Dr. Hillel Braude

Meditation is a core embodied technique at the interface

between somatic practices and neuro-technologies.

The SomaticWell approach to meditation emphasizes embodied consciousness, perception and interoception.

Proven Neuro-Physiological Effects of Meditation

  • Increases BDNF

  • Stimulates the Left Prefrontal Cortex

  • Facilitates Neurogenesis & Neuroplasticity

  • Increased Parasympathetic Activity and increase in Heart Rate Variability

  • Increased Telomere length

Dr Hillel Braude's practice and teaching of meditation is influenced by his teaching of Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement (ATM) lessons and practicing of "Full-Presence Meditation"- an embodied meditation technique, which asserts the primacy of perception over consciousness.

Full-Presence Meditation was developed by Dani Bois - founder of DBM Fasciatherapy and Somatic-Psychoeducation.

Contact Dr Hillel Braude if you are interested in personal  meditation guidance.

Interactive Meditation

SomaticWell is a host-provider of WildDivine's Interactive Meditation platform. Interactive Meditation's self-regulation program is a highly effective means of stress reduction and taking control of mind-body health. remotely administered HRV training and monitoring...


WildDivine's Interactive Meditation combines the iom2 biofeedback device with online meditation programs - called Journeys. Together, they guide you through step-by-step relaxation training in interactive environments,

providing real-time feedback so you can evaluate where you are and where you need to go. Journeys can be accessed on computers as well as mobile devices and tablets - via the iom2 biofeedback device you can enable your breathing and heart rate to guide your meditation practice.

With a simple ear clip, the iom2 measures your body's Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to determine your Resonance score, a direct reflection of your state of stress or relaxation.

Paired with the Journeys software on desktop or mobile devices, the innovative iom2 helps you gain more awareness of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical state, guiding you through your meditation and into deeper

states of relaxation. Via SomaticWell clients can subscribe to WildDivine's Interactive Meditation platform, and enjoy personalized HRV training and co-regulation.

HRV regulation can be integrated with other in person

or remotely administered SomaticWell therapeutic modalities, including the Feldenkrais Method

and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP).



Dr. Hillel Braude for further information about meditation packages.

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