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New Online NSV Series

Announcing my forthcoming online Neuro-Somatic-Variations (NSV) Lesson Series:

"Exploring Inner Time Consciousness"

​​The NSV forum provides a small, intimate context for movement exploration and group discussion.

Space in the NSV group is limited. Interested participants require an online meeting with:

Dr. Hillel Braude prior to acceptance for registration.

Dates: Thursday January 12, 26 February 9, 23 & March 09, 23 - 2023.

Time: 9-11pm Jerusalem time (Berlin 8-10pm Berlin time, Eastern time 2-4pm, Pacific time 11:00-13:00)

For further information & to set up a registration meeting.

NSV Session at Weizmann Institute Workshop on Embodied Cognition and Learning - July 2022.

Photographer - Revaya Meidan

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