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is the Founder-Director of SomaticWell.

Hillel is an Integrative Medicine Doctor receiving ,

expert Feldenkrais Method somatic education movement practitioner,

philosopher of medicine and neuro-ethicist.

Medical Background

Hillel received his medical degree from the University

of Cape Town Medical School, South Africa.

Hillel has extensive experience working with infants

and toddlers on the autism spectrum.

Between 2014-2020 Hillel was the Director of Research

at the Mifne Center, specializing in the treatment

of infants with autism and their nuclear families.

Dr Hillel Braude

Somatic Expertise

​The Feldenkrais Method provides the foundational backbone of Dr. Hillel Braude’s hands-on somatic practice.

Hillel received accreditation as a Guild Certified Practitioner in 2013.

Further accreditation and training with infants and children:

Child'Space with Chava Shelhav - Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA)

Feldenkrais and Play with Uli Komay (based on the pioneering work of Yael Ophir).

Hillel is presently studying Dynamic Embodiment and collaborating with Martha Eddy. 

Philosophical Studies & Biomedical Ethics

Dr. Hillel Braude completed his doctoral studies in philosophy of medicine and bioethics with the University

of Chicago’s Committee for the History of Culture, obtaining his PhD cum laude (1998-2006).

Hillel has additionally trained as a Clinical Ethicist with the MacLean Center’s Center for Clinical Ethics,

the University of Chicago ( 2002-2003 ), and completed Post - Doctorate Fellowships in Neuroethics with

McGill University’s Biomedical Ethics Unit and Religious Studies Faculty ( 2008-2011).

Hillel has published extensively in the field of Neuroethics, Somatics and Philosophy of Medicine.

Hillel sits onthe board of the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) Journal and Research Committee.

Hillel continues to research Somatic Practices, and specific processes and outcomes associated

with hands-on therapeutic work.


Dr. Braude has spent many years researching the role of intuition in clinical reasoning.

Hillel’s book: Intuition in Medicine: A Philosophical Defense of Clinical Reasoning was

published by The University of Chicago Press in 2012.

Hillel has a particular interest  in harnessing the embodied, intuitive dimensions

of our human-beingness, together with advances in Neurosomatic wellness technologies.

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