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The SomaticWell Genesis Protocol for Autism provides a unique intensive therapeutic intervention for infants and children with autism. The core Genesis Protocol consists

of 21 sessions.


The program integrates Feldenkrais and play and applies particular therapeutic movement sequences based

on evolutionary development, infant

neuro-development and mammalian social  interaction. These neuro-developmental patterns 

are applied incrementally and sequentially during the course of the therapeutic intervention.

The Genesis Protocol is designed to stimulate

neuro-plasticity as well as regulate the autonomic nervous system. It applies clinical insights developed from research in neurobiology, zoology and Polyvagal Theory.


Specifically, the Genesis Protocol replicates the

"warm-up" behavioral recovery sequence described by Professor Ilan Golani -  the Late, Emeritus Professor of Zoology at Tel Aviv University. As demonstrated by Professor Golani, the "warm up" behavioral sequence is universal among vertebrates as they move out of

a state of extended immobility, and that is exhibited among mammals during interactional play.

Little Boy Jumping

For further information about the Genesis Protocol

In Memoriam: Professor Ilan Golani
Ilan Golani.jpeg

The Genesis Protocol is both structured and improvisational. Each particular therapeutic intervention varies according to the specifics of each individual child.

The Genesis Protocol may be integrated with other SomaticWell Integrative Medicine therapies for Autism promoting neuroplasticity and regulating the Autonomic Nervous System, including, Personalized Nutrition, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), and Photo-Biomodulation.

Benefits of the Genesis Protocol include:

  • Reduce Behavioral Symptoms associated with Autism.

  • Enhance Attachment with parents and primary caregivers.

  • Stimulate Sensory-Motor Development.

  • Integrate Primitive Reflexes.

  • Improve Spontaneous Behavior.

  • Improve Social Affordances.

  • Regulate Autonomic Nervous System.

  • Enhance Immune System Function.

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