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Integrating somatic practices with brain technologies for transforming consciousness, achieving optimal well-being of body, mind and spirit.

SomaticWell offers a variety of services

for individuals, families & corporations.


My name is Dr Hillel Braude - Founder Director of the Somatic Well Center.

I am an Integrative  Medicine Doctor, Expert Feldenkrais Method Practitioner, and Philosopher of Medicine.

SomaticWell is a unique educational and therapeutic center integrating somatic movement practices - emphasizing the felt-experience of having a body -  with scientifically validated neuro-technologies for enhancing personal mental and   physical well-being.

My clinical approach espoused at SomaticWell is based on a number core conceptual foundations.

These  include:

  • Somatic Practices - incorporating touch, movement, breathing.

  • Evolutionary Development

  • Infant Developmental Patterns

  • Phenomenology - philosophy of subjective experience

  • Intersubjective Neuroscience

  • Spirituality

This website provides a provides a portal into the various therapeutic modalities provided at SomaticWell – such as, the Feldenkrais Method, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), Binaural Acoustic Utilization Device (BAUD), Photobiomodulation  and Interactive Meditation incorporating bio-feedback measurement of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and more. I am also proud to have developed the Genesis Protocol for the treatment of children with Autism.

These life-enhancing therapies may be applied separately, or together. Most of the SomaticWell therapeutic services may be administered remotely. I also provide in-person consultations in Afula, Israel.

The SomaticWell Academy provides educational programs, workshops and retreats applying somatic education and movement practices together with higher-learning in a group context. I also also provide Somatic Ethics consultations for individuals and corporations.

Online teachings include: Weekly Feldenkrais lessons, Evoke Somatic Movement (ESM), Neuro-Somatic Variations (NSV), Somatics as Spiritual Exercise monthly meetings, and more...

Contact me for further information:

Dr Hillel Braude

The SomaticWell Membership Forum provides

a safe space for discussion, and  an opportunity to develop an online social community crystallizing

around the core SomaticWell of enhnacing optimal wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.


I invite you to sign up to become a member of the growing SomaticWell Community and to enjoy discounts on SomaticWell programs and therapies.

Distinctive Features
of the SomaticWell Approach

Specializing in therapies directed at promoting 

neuroplasticity and regulating the autonomic  

nervous system.    

Integrating somatic practices with selective

biofeedback & neuro-feedback modalities to

enhance wellbeing of body & mind.

SomaticWell therapeutic modalities are directed  

 at different sensory-perceptual systems,

including  kinesthetic, auditory and visual.

SomaticWellness therapeutic
modalities include:

  • Integrative Medicine

  • Feldenkrais Method®

  • Neuro-Somatic Variations (NSV)

  • Evoke Somatic Movement (ESM)

  • Movement and Play

  • The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

  • Binaural Pulse Modulation

  • Photobiomodulation

Specific medical conditions amenable for

therapeutic intervention include, for example:


All these conditions may be caused or exacerbated

by dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.


I conduct a base-line integrative medicine and somatic assessment with clients in order

to advise on the optimal personalized therapeutic package. ​SomaticWell therapeutic

programs are available for individuals of different ages and medical background.

I have a  particular clinical focus on working with families of infants and children

with neurodevelopmental conditions, such as Autism and ADHD.​

For further information

about our wellness modalities & therapeutic packages.

Somaticwell Movement Studio

Somatic movement and play sessions take place in the beautiful Shlavim Center. The Studio Space is equipped

with wooden floors, child movement and equipment,

air conditioning, sound system, kitchenette and toilets.


SomaticWell is physically located in the Lower Galilee,

in the North of Israel. ​Clinical consultations with

Dr. Hillel Braude occur in Afula Marom Medical Center.

Feldenkrais and movement-play sessions take place at  Merchaz Shlavim, Moshav Merchavia.

​Consultations and therapeutic sessions may also take place via video conference. ​

​For further inquiries or to schedule a consultation.

Shlavim Space

SomaticWell is endorsed by the Mental Wellness Society.



The SomaticWell Academy - An  education platform for studying philosophical, psychological & scientific texts in relation with Somatic Practices.


The SomaticWell Member's Forum



The SomaticWell Center is endorsed by the International Mental Wellness Society.


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