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I am Dr Hillel Braude the Founder-Director of SomaticWell.

​The SomaticWell Center was established to help individuals and families get in touch with their inner selves and achieve optimal wellbeing!

The therapeutic focus at SomaticWell brings together Somatic Practices - emphasizing lived embodied experience through movement and touch - with Integrative Neurobiology, applying research from living biological systems.

SomaticWell has a particular focus on working with families of infants and children with neurodevelopmental conditions, such as Autism and ADHD.

​​​​Our therapeutic modalities include:

  • Personalized Nutrition

  • Feldenkrais Method and Play

  • Listening therapy with the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP).

  • Neuro-Somatic Variations (NSV)


Following a SomaticWell Integrative Medicine assessment, clients may either elect to continue with an individual therapy, such as Feldenkrais or Personalized Nutrition, or else may choose a  therapeutic package integrating several of the SomaticWell therapeutic modalities.

​Contact SomaticWell for further information about our therapeutic programs.

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Geographical Location

SomaticWell is physically located in the Lower Galilee, in the North of Israel.

Clinical consultations with Dr. Hillel Braude occur in Afula Marom Medical Center.

Feldenkrais and movement play sessions take place in Moshav Merchavia.

Consultations, including personalized nutrition, may also take place via video conference.

SomaticWell Movement Studio

Our Somatic movement and play sessions are provided in the beautiful Shlavim Center.

The Studio Space is equipped with wooden floors, child movement and equipment, air conditioning, sound system, kitchenette and toilets.


SomaticWell Offerings

                                        Infants & Children

  • Neuro-Developmental Assessment

  • Feldenkrais Functional Integration

  • Feldenkrais + Movement Play

  • Personalized Nutrition

  • Integrative Medicine Consultation



  • Somatic Wellness Coaching

  • Feldenkrais Functional Integration

  • Neuro-Somatic-Variations (NVA) Session

  • Integrative Medicine Consultation

  • Clinical Ethics Consultation


                                       Group Lessons

  • Child’Space Sessions for Parents and Infants

  • Awareness through Movement (ATM) Lessons

  • Neuro-Somatic-Variations (NSV) Lessons

  • Authentic Movement


                       Public Presentations & Workshops

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