Neuro-Somatic Variations (NSV)

Dr. Hillel Braude is proud to have developed and teach Neuro-Somatic--Variations (NSV).

The development of Neuro-Somatic-Variations (NSV) reflect Hillel's expertise in the Feldenkrais  Method, Medicine and Neurobiology and Philosophy of Consciousness.

NSV seamlessly integrates Feldenkrais Method inspired movement lessons, integrative Neurobiology, and Phenomenology.

Developing self-awareness through movement is fundamental to the Feldenkrais Method. NSV emphasizes the awareness component of movement lessons by focusing on different levels of attention and awareness.

NSV exploration helps bring automatic elements of movement into awareness. Bringing subconscious experience to consciousness provides a means of linking cortical and subcortical brain regions and integrating brain function.

Different forms of awareness attended to in NSV lessons includes, for example, proprioception, interoception, exteroception, affect and cognition.

Explicit verbalization of the three NSV components relating to awareness, neurobiology and phenomenology occurs during the actual movement lesson, as well as during every post-lesson feedback session.



Lesson Structure

NSV is based on evolutionary neurodevelopmental patterns. The structure of the lessons provides a means for exploration of personal neural self-organization and awareness. Each NSV lesson is characterized by having a particular theme, correlated in terms of specific brain regions, neurological function and phenomenological introspection. Subjective conscious experience is analyzed using phenomenological methodologies, such as introspection, and free-fantasy variation. Lessons are provided either in individual one-on-one sessions, or in small groups, in order to foster a secure environment to foster personal exploration and discussion.


Benefit of Neuro-Somatic-Variations

Physical Benefits:

Improve flexibility ----  Reduce pain ----   Reduce stress ----    Increased vitality ---- Feeling of well-being                                                     Improve heart function  ----  Enhance immunity


Neuro-Psychological Benefits:

Develop neuroplasticity  ------    Enhance neural integration ----  Enhance self-awareness

                                                  Develop empathy for others  ----   Enhance meta-cognition



"Participating in Neuro-Somatic-Variations with Dr. Braude has been a wonderful experience. Aside from finding pain relief and a much deeper relationship with my own body, I’ve learned so much and developed insightful connections with others. I’ve also found useful shifts in perspective and ways of being in the world that I hadn’t had before, that feel both enjoyable and important."

Erin, NSV Workshop Participant

"I am writing to endorse Dr. Hillel Braude’s Neuro-Somatic Variation project.  These embodiment exercises demand an intellectual openness and safe circle of respectful scholarship, because they are bound to open unfamiliar discursive territories on nuanced idiosyncratic sensory perceptions. Yet, attuning to these sensations is vital to accessing the dynamical corporeal foundations of quantitative–logical reasoning, thus opening new educational horizons for mathematics. In all these, Dr. Braude’s NSV framework provides both intellectual and practical infrastructure for our laboratory’s work by way of offering an activity structure that interleaves embodied experiences with scientific motivations and analyses. In particular, Dr. Braude facilitates physical movement exercises that draw on the Feldenkrais Method repertory and then leads group discussions on themes that arise from participants’ impressions and thoughts, giving feedback by way of findings from neuroscientific research, all this in a supportive atmosphere. We have learned a great deal from the NSV workshop and look forward to future collaborations."

Dor Abrahamson, Professor Cognition & Development, University of California, Berkeley

Who might be interested in participating in learning NSV?

  • Anyone interested in self-exploration through movement and social interaction.

  • People interested in neural function connected with movement.

  • Cognitive scince students requiring a movement perspective deeply informed by theoretical.

  • Those interested in integrating theoretical and experiential understanding of embodiment.

A new NSV 6-session fortnightly online series is starting on May 27.

Email for further details.