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I am a cognitive scientist interested in the relation between movement, consciousness, and conceptual learning. My group at the University of California Berkeley — the Embodied Design Research Laboratory — is rethinking the future of mathematics education as centered in individuals experiencing, recognizing, and articulating their micro-phenomenology of emergent multimodal perceptual orientations to activity spaces. We collaborate with practitioners and scholars of physical skills, such as dancers, martial artists, instrumental musicians, somatic therapists, and movement-based contemplative practices, to build a robust theoretical understanding of human interactions in the teaching and learning of both overt (e.g., dance) and covert (e.g., math) enactment. The research is vested in the design, building, implementation, and evaluation of experimental interactive technologies. As they engage in solving motor-control problems, such as moving both hands to make a screen green, mathematics students spontaneously discern new perceptual structures enabling new coordinated actions — "conceptual choreographies" — and only then signify these movement strategies in disciplinary semiotic forms. As such, our work is aligned with tenets of cognitive-developmental psychology theory, such as genetic epistemology (Piaget's constructivism) as well as Buddhist revisionist cognitive science (e.g., Varela's enactivism).


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