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Evoke Somatic Movement:
Blending Iconic Cognitive Imaging
& Moving with Awareness

Evoke-Somatic-Movement (ESM) integrates MindFulChoice™ EVOKE Psychology Skills Icons (Evoke PSI) with Feldenkrais based Awareness Through Movement® Lessons.

MFC EVOKE™ is an Iconic Positive Psychology Method to live a better life by choice and not by accident, to think, feel and act in ways that are purposeful and empowering.

The Feldenkrais Method®  is a singular somatic practice emphasizing moving with awareness as a key means of accessing & influencing neural function.

ESM integrates top-down cognitive and bottom-up somatic processes. It potentiates the potential of its two constituent therapeutic modalities.

[The ESM approach has been jointly established by Dr Gerard Meyer co-creator of Mindful Choice and Dr Hillel Braude who is a certified Mindful Choice coach and Guild Certified Feldenkrais practitioner.

Each ESM session matches a particular MFC Evoke Icon with movement techniques and patterns derived from Feldenkrais Method® Awareness Through Movement (ATM)® lessons.


ESM sessions are suitable for adults of all ages who are suffering from anxiety, trauma, stress, burn out, or simply wish to enhance their personal wellbeing.


Effects of ESM

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Reduce symptoms of trauma

  • Create sense of calm

  • Enhance mental and physical well-being

  • Reduce pain

  • Increase attention and concentration

  • Increase flexibility

  • Create sense of calm

  • Improve breathing

  • Learn to be in the here-and-now

  • Move forward with confidence

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